Personal Narrative: Time Limits Of Reading

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Reading was the first activity I have wholeheartedly enjoyed. I have spent countless days wanting to do nothing more than to lose myself in oceans of text. Reading had no downside for me. It wasn’t boring or too challenging; I was able to read whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Reading was a freedom that I practiced avidly; for years teachers would praise my “mature and intellectual actions” as I hungrily hunted bookshelves for a new novel, but that all changed once I entered the seventh grade. Looking back, having faced and conquered all the hardships high school has thrown at me so far, seventh grade looks veritably trivial. In fact, seventh grade shares many similarities with kindergarten. Yes, of course, what is learned during those …show more content…
Time limits on any type of test has always angered me, for while I am, what is classified as advanced in learning, I have always needed to take instructions a little slow the first few times I am introduced to them- it’s just how I learn.Yet apparently gate classes mean not only extreme quality in writing, but also to perform in a certain time limit as well. As a student, everyday I hear that we are all unique, and we all have different ways of learning. For me, my best in writing, was always found in taking things slow. Before each and every quick write, the teacher would tell the class “just do your best” but all I could think about was the time limit. Quality be damned as I sped through each essay too busy worrying about how much time I had left, instead of worrying if I spelled words correctly, or if my my punctuation was okay. In my eyes, a finished essay with multiple grammar and spelling mistakes, was much better than an almost perfect, unfinished essay. Today I believe I have a better handle on balancing my time whilst writing, but in jr. high I remember complaining to anyone who would listen,“ If she had just told me to write an essay without a time limit, I would have written an A+ essay every time.” What is the point of time limits? Is today 's society really built up on how quickly we can get a job done instead of how proficiently? A question I will ask till the end of school

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