Assignment 4.1

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4.1 Planning delivers value
This experience opened my eyes to the importance of planning phase. According to (Kerzner 2009), planning can best be described as a process of entrepreneurial decision making and managing the effort needed to carry out the decision with an eye to the future .Conducting such a practice is vital for effective implementation of the rest of the project activities, and failing in planning is undoubtedly planning to fail.
To start planning properly, any project requires a project manager who understands what the project is all about and is a leader.(Allen et al. 2015) Fortunately, I firmly believe that great leaders are made. Therefore, to set an example, I would start empowering my leadership skills. Hence, becoming
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This would undoubtedly make things far more understandable. Moreover, I would leave a space for an open-dialogue between the team members and me. Discussing the issue, receiving their views and clarifying any misconception would help the project to not go off the rails. This would also foster the cooperation environment in which members are capable of proposing new ideas. This involvement would assure building bridges between the team members, keeping them motivated and eventually winning their support. The result, then, can be greater than the sum of its parts.
Besides, I would not hesitate to ask for more clarifications if needed. This would be better than setting back and being blind of what is going around.
On the other hand, informal communication channels would initially be accepted. However, to ensure better accountability, lateral and vertical Information flow would be documented in the first place.
It is evident that communication is a necessity to interchange information and ideas between project participants. This communication has several payoffs on the project and the team members alike. Though, it must be promoted by the right channels.
4.3 Effective leader is a mix of different styles
A good lesson I learnt, is to consider all the leadership styles and to select the one required based on the context. In principle, it is the person-situation interaction which defines the effective

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