The Importance Of Leadership

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I had no substantial idea what I wanted to study until an evening the summer after my sophomore year in high school. My mom invited me to watch livestream of Senator Wendy Davis filibustering the now-famous Senate Bill 5, which greatly restricted access to abortion in Texas. At the time I hadn’t even taken high school government and I knew nothing about the process I was watching. However, once my mom explained the bill, I realized I agreed with Senator Davis and her supporting colleagues and admired her strength in standing up against an unrepresentative majority. That very night I started thinking about how I could shape my career so I could help women like that too.
Despite the ultimate passing of the bill in a later session, I remained
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Since I’m relatively new on campus, I haven’t had many formal leadership roles, however I’ve acted as a leader in group projects, study sessions, and in class. As a group leader, I did this by delegating tasks to my group members based on their strengths and offering my help in parts of the assignment they weren’t sure about. Currently, as a FIG mentor, I’m leading a group of freshmen through their first semester at college and helping them succeed both personally and …show more content…
I learned from a young age to offer any help I could to those less fortunate than I. Since my church is near the University of Texas, we’ve always worked to help the local homeless community, especially in providing meals. This environment I grew up in greatly influenced myself and my personality. It taught me to show compassion to everyone and help out those who don’t have as much as I do. This has eventually led to my personal devotion to social justice issues, a large part of my life, and one which my church also fosters. I’ve currently been lacking in my devotion to service. I occasionally volunteer at my church, but during my transition into college last year, I severely cut back. I’ve recognized that I don’t want this to become my new norm, so I’m actively looking for ways to get back into serving my communities now that I’m comfortable in college. I’m especially looking forward to continuing in University Democrats and working to register people to vote for the upcoming election. In the future, I hope to be able to devote my career to service of underprivileged people. I’ve become fascinated with the criminal justice system and would love to work as a lawyer for organizations like the Innocence Project which offer free legal services to those unable to pay for the appeals process. This organization can be the difference between facing the death penalty and being exonerated for wrongfully convicted people. I want

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