The Importance Of Leadership On Care And Educational Settings

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The importance of leadership in care and educational settings (1500 words)

In this essay I will be defining the main attributes of leadership and how this differs from management. I will also be discussing and analysing the key features of an effective leader in the early years sector and the quality of practice, drawing on theoretical perspectives and my own experiences.
To begin, many people may believe that leadership and management are the same concept, however ‘one can be a leader without being a manager’ (Jones & Pounds 2008:16). Thus it is important to define the difference. Hersey (cited in Isles- Buck and Newstead 2003:2) stated that leadership is ‘any attempt to influence the behaviour of another individual or group’, whereas management is ‘working with and through others to accomplish organisation goals’ (Bush & Coleman 2000:19). This shows that there is different responsibilities associated with these roles. Glover and Law 2000 define a ‘manager’ as someone who makes decisions, clarifies and organises work roles, co-ordinates the administration of work duties and largely takes responsibility for supervising the efficiency of the group. In comparison, the role of the leader is to offer inspiration, give constructive direction, encourage and create teamwork, gain respect and trust from other practitioners (Price and Ota, 2014:59). Undoubtedly, a success early years centre needs to be both a strong leader and manager to get their team on board to follow them…

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