Qualities Of An American President Essay

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The United States of America is nation where democracy reigns and freedom rings. The forefathers of this country wanted nothing more than a nation without a monarchy rule set in place. When we won our freedom in the Revolutionary War, questions arose as to who would lead this great nation. A king and a queen were out of question, but they did not want an anarchy, so a compromise was met. To this day America has been led by a position called the president. The president is the one Americans look up to as a leader who will ensure their safety and rights. Although the United States government is made up of three co-equal branches, there is no office or position higher in status than the presidency. In a time of crisis, people look up to the …show more content…
Truman was the president at the start of the Cold war. The man to put an end to it was Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan is known for being one of the best presidents ever. His effective leadership abilities abled the country to prosper again. Domestically, Reagan fixed the economy with his new way of economics called Reaganomics. It was a huge tax cut that he believed would stimulate product activity which would ignite an economic boom and then the government would collect enough taxes to balance the budget (Schaller 35). Many people were skeptical, but Reagan stood strong and made sure he would do all in his power to get it passed. Although there was a slight recession in 1982, Reagan’s new economic package lower unemployment rate and sent this country down a path of economic …show more content…
Truman and Ronald Reagan were men that would not tolerate the Soviet Union. Truman would allow the U.S.S.R to continue to dominate the eastern part of the globe, as long as he could contain it. Reagan on the other hand was going to put an end to it. Together they show how presidents use their leadership in ways that help this great nation get through tensions and conflicts. They both would not surrender to the Soviets at all means and would ensure that they used their presidential power

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