Ronald Reagan's Contribution To The Cold War

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Ronald Reagan has been known for ending the Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Cold War was still going since WWII. Reagan wanted to reverse the policy of detente and finally stand up against the Soviet Union. Giving aid to the rebellions, he was hoping to quickly reverse what the Soviet Union was doing. Ronald Reagan wanted to give aid and make a legacy for himself. However, he did not believe in military force. He, in fact, wanted to deal with the Soviet Union peacefully. With many options for Reagan to chose from, he was articulate with his work and spent time on strategy to ensure the best possible outlook. Without Ronald Reagan, the Cold War could have ended differently and may have resulted in a devastating situation. Ronald Reagan was the greatest contributor to the Cold War. Born on February 6, 1911, Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois. Reagan was a typical American teenager; playing football and acting were his main hobbies in High School. He later became a radio sports announcer in 1937, which later won him a contract in Hollywood. In two decades. Reagan appeared in 53 films; This made his name well known among society. With his starting career, he married an actress. He and his wife had two children. However in 1952, he remarried to a woman by the name of Nancy Davis, who was also an actress. He later had two more children with Nancy. Reagan was voted president of the Screen Actors Guild, which he later had disputes about communism in the industry. He then shifted his views from liberal to conservative. In 1966, he found himself …show more content…
Ms. Reagan played a major role in negotiating with the soviets. She wanted to help build the trust between Reagan and the Soviets. She believed in having peace between the United States and the Soviet Union. In the end, the trust that was built between the two countries contributed to the Cold War

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