The Importance Of Language In Autobiographic Memory

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Language with all its paraphernalia, opens its wings of expression and communication

in to new horizons of aesthetic experience. In addition, there is the inherent nature of

language itself, which ultimately represents, symbolises, expresses, and can even shape our

experience, but it is not the experience itself .With in communication, there is a lot of

translation that must take place to go from the essence of our personal experience to the

communication of words. In order to understand autobiographic memories, we use language

to bridge the gap between dimensions ― between the dimension of subjective experience and

the dimension of objective manifestation.

Autobiography is a way to organize the story of a life and
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Finding speaker’s lived experiences and emotions tapping and coining as a major concern,

the study represents and processes various valuable experiences of the protagonist as a part

of linguistic analysis.

Acquisition of communication in individual narrative is achieved through three issues

subjectivity, truth claims and representation of memories.

Acquisition of language used there in and research through critical reflectivity as how people

understand themselves and their experiences.

Elevate narrative inquiry dealing with teachers’ thinking and collaborative research.

Positive attributes and methods of study in autobiographic memory

Detached objectivity

Detached objectivity and positive outlook work as key variables in enhancing problem

solving quality through personal memoirs, experiences, and events.

Memory probe

Recent studies allotted memory probe method to use non verbal clues to memory such as

visual images or odours-clued memories for specific events, more emotionally loaded and

detailed than verbal and visual clues.

Recall in autobiographical

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