The Importance Of LGBTQ Issues Into Multicultural Education

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Claim: Our school and society would benefit from the inclusion of LGBTQ issues in the curriculum in a number of ways. Our students are our number one priority, and ensuring that they are able to learn and thrive in a safe environment is of the utmost importance. The inclusion of LGBTQ curriculum allows us to include more students in academia. It will motivate students and parents within the LGBTQ community, while teaching valuable lessons to all students. “Ignoring the issue of sexuality means neglecting both to provide LGBTQ students with representations that enable them to understand themselves and to provide examples of ways to counter bias and work toward engendering respect among those who may not initially be willing to respect LGBTQ …show more content…
• “...many teachers who know that they are teaching students who are LGBTQ or who are being raised by lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parents would like to be able to make those students feel supported and part of the school community but fear that addressing issues of minority sexuality will put their job at risk.” (Pg. 162)
• “Incorporating LGBTQ issues into multicultural education is one way to ensure that schools improve how they address the educational needs of diverse students, families, and communities. Understanding the political and social histories of minority sexualities and gender identities in conversation with more well-known social justice histories can not only help to explain the multicultural aspects of movements for LGBTQ people but also highlight work against biases of all forms that still needs to be done with LGBTQ communities and in other movements and communities.” (Pg. 163)
• It is so important to enlighten our children and show them “that people are resilient, creative, responsible, and innovative is as true for people who have lived lives that do not conform to norms of gender and sexuality as it is for anyone.” (Pg.
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I cannot understand why we would not jump at this opportunity. As I mentioned our number one job is to keep our students safe while allowing them to learn and grow in their own right. Including LGBTQ issues in the curriculum is vital to this. Educating students about our differences in society is a large part of our responsibility. We should be providing students with unbiased information, that they may not be likely to receive outside of the school system. This curriculum offers students that may not have been exposed to LGBTQ issues in their personal life a deeper understanding. With this understanding, students are able to make more informed decisions and better choices regarding their interactions with other communities. This will lesson the chances of violence within our school system, both emotional and physical. We cannot afford to leave LGBTQ issues out of our curriculum, and risk the safety of our

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