The Importance Of Knowledge In Personal Art

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Knowledge is what we know and in order to explain the behavior of knowledge it is through accuracy and simplicity, that knowledge becomes known to oneself and collectively. In terms of simplicity, Occam 's Razor is the scientific and philosophic explanation for keeping information in its simplest form. On the other hand, accuracy allows for all information to be handled collectively, to find the appropriate justification that will keep the integrity of what is known to keep it precise. Then there is our shared and personal knowledge as they both include simplicity and accuracy. However, our shared knowledge is the basis, the surface area that is not extensive like simplicity as it is acknowledged through all persons who know. Our personal …show more content…
For instance, The Revolutionaries painted by David Alfaro Siqueiros, represented a historical view of Mexico relating to the Mexican Revolution where Mexico was divided into groups that were against their government. This painting allows for the people of Mexico to remember the time as it was a part of their history that lead them to present day. As for others who were not a part of the Mexican Revolution, this painting does not portray emotion but provides insight into Mexican history. Due to anekantavada: the concept of how no one way of knowing it the sole reasoning, the lack of accuracy still is present allowing for all personal descriptions to be valid regardless of the simple or precise understanding behind it. This also holds true with the painter Dali as well as his art is absurd yet the interpretation is understood. In the painting The Persistence of Memory, with the simple mindset one takes the painting to face value of what it is showing, melting clocks. However, Dali himself calls his paintings “hand painted dream photographs” representation is what this painting says about the unconscious mind . In the end though paintings from art to shift between simplicity and accuracy through both our own knowledge and the shared knowledge as both will have an influence of how the painting will be viewed. Our own knowledge will bring meaning to the painting through personal beliefs while shared knowledge allows us to share the simplicity behind

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