Frida Kahlo's Self Portraits

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The self-portray Along the Broader Line Between Mexico and the Unites States,1932 that show the sun and moon represents Mexico and the Unites States’ s boundary. As the picture described she wanted the agriculture culture of Mexico by the way she dresses up with a pink dress and she also holds a small flag in her hand which shows us how her loyalties that she wanted to be. She also stands on the boundary of Mexico and United States lines. This painting is clearly explained the using of different color to represents the contrast of traditional between two countries which are Mexico and United States. In Frida Kahlo’s paintings has contribute her own life to classical art in mostly about her self-portraits; her works also reflect …show more content…
All the objects which she has deliberately created objective throughout the traditional symbols and modern arts that Frida Kahlo uses to separate both objects that she has threw out carried different meaning in both countries. The value of this painting is a priceless because she illustrates one side is light and another side is dark from the part of ancient Aztec’s construction to the modern of factories, industrialized of its. From the left side that many people can see the happiness color(light) is describing in a painting as how much she admires her nation though out the homesickness of Mexico while she has been in United States in 3 years. In addition, Frida Kahlo’s painting which shows the dissimilarity between boundary of Mexico and the United States which show how admiring her spirit and soul toward to Mexico. The sun’s mouth is bleeding can be implied to Frida’s pain that she has been through an accident is a result of a sadness and sorrowful. Besides the sun, the moon and the clouds can be explained similarity to depression and disconsolate. The part of Aztec and Mayan’s construction are the symbolizes of ancestor for both Aztec and …show more content…
They got married when both of them have conflicting with ages despite the disapproval of her parents; therefore, the marriage is not lasted longer since her husband cheating on her, they divorced 4 years later and remarried again. Both have long been recognized as important painters who achieved great international popularity during their lifetimes. As the couples of famous artists, they have been working very hard and her husband is part of her lifetime. Each panting is unique and special have inspired the creation and styles for each individual.

I agree this painting is considered as valuable and important arts because if people first look at this painting it seems like they will don’t recognize the hidden behind the objects which she has drew are the messages that she wanted to propagate in describing her native country and homesickness of Mexico and three years in the United States. The plants, flower, parts of architecture of Aztec of Mayan people which is represented to Mexico; however, the United States as she painted depicted a huge industrialization and factories with a smoke around the sky is considered an environmental

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