The Importance Of Keeping The Wraparound Coordinator Essays

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Keeping the Wraparound Coordinator is extremely important in schools like Union Hill because of their high level of English Language Learners. In 2016, 52.6% of the student body was found to not speak English as their first language and 49.2% of the school are English Language Learners (Appendix C). This lack of understanding of the English language is one of the most urgent issues in the school that needs to be addressed. Currently there are 3 teachers who work specifically with ELL students (Appendix C). When almost half of the student body are English Language Learners, there should be more teachers who are working to help these students assimilate to the school climate and language. This also brings up another issue with the demographics of the whole school staff. There is one African American person on staff, 4 Hispanic, 46 white and there are 42 female teachers to one male (Appendix D). When a majority of the students are Hispanic, why does the staff not resemble the racial breakdown of the school.
Another issue that is in need of being addressed is the amount of high poverty within the school and in the surrounding area. Within the school, 98% of the students are participating in the free or reduced-priced lunch program. The school feeds the children two meals a day along with snacks throughout the day. It also sends home food with students for their families who are in need of the extra help. Figure 4 is a representation of the current Kindergarten class. When you…

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