High School Activity Theory Essay

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The Dooly County School System has a motto that they’ve been saying for four years now. Their motto is “There’s a Graduate in Every Bobcat that is both College and Career Ready.” (http://dooly.dchs.schooldesk.net/). For a school that embraces a motto such as that, people of the community should feel comfortable knowing that their kids will be successful adults after high school, but as a graduate from the Dooly County School System, I question that motto. If we do an analysis of the Dooly County school system using activity theory, we can see that the school is lacking the tools necessary for the development of college and career ready students.
Often times I ask myself “are they really living up to their motto or are they just saying that to impress the people that come to visit the school?” I ask myself that a lot because as a graduate from this school system I didn’t see anybody from my class that was college or career ready. I didn’t see it with the class that graduated before me, nor the class that graduated before them. Due to the lack of tools, it’s hard for the school to educate students to become college and career ready. Through research, I found out that there’s a big difference between college-readiness
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I came to a conclusion. The Dooly County school system is not living up to their motto. Through my experience, this school has failed to provide the students with the right tools (AP classes, Dual Enrollment courses, and Pathway classes) “to accomplish their objective (improving the students’ test grades) and achieve their intended outcomes (developing students into college and career ready students).”(Kain; Wardle 277). Although, they have failed to live up to their motto. The people from the state and the new superintendent are trying their best to shape this institution into a place that is capable of developing both college and career ready students but as of now I have to

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