Summer Internship Reflection

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My summer internship at Hotze Runkle concluded in early August, bringing my total time with the firm up to about three months. Many of the daily tasks remained the same from the first half of the internship; my primary duty remained working with the asbestos paralegal on settlements in order for the clients to obtain monetary compensation from asbestos trusts. In the last month of my internship, however, the new practice area of pharmaceutical litigation was beginning to become fully functional and I assisted in the beginning of a mass tort project regarding civil compensation for victims of pharmaceutical negligence, particularly from the drug Xarelto. At the time of the previous journal, this area of practice was just beginning as the …show more content…
Runkle’s weekly “Intro to Law School” class. Every Tuesday any interns who were interested gathered in the conference room for Mr. Runkle’s two-part class imparting wisdom on the process of applying and attending law school. In the first part of the class, Mr. Runkle would discuss a new topic each week, including how to choose the right law school, considering finances, anticipated area of practice, and the geographic region we wish to practice in, how to brief a case, how to properly prepare for class and study for exams, and how to manage your time effectively in law school. He would also share other useful information about how to succeed and mentally endure the rigors of law school. Additionally, we each were given a case to practice briefing, and we were shown how to Shepardize a case as we followed the precedent of our cases. After that section, interns that were closer to attending law school could stay for a brief overview of the cornerstone classes each person will take in law school. His goal was to familiarize us with some of the material for when we do attend law school so that we are not completely overwhelmed by unfamiliar legal concepts. He would devote one lesson a week to a specific content area including torts, contracts, Constitutional law, civil procedure, and property law. Attending both sessions gave much needed clarity regarding many facets of the law school process, and we were

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