Importance Of Intellectual Pluralism

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MohamedAmro Beseiso
Prof. Douglas
11 March, 2016
Intellectual Pluralism
What is the importance of intellectual Pluralism? First, we must define the meaning of the word to understand its importance. So, Intellectual Pluralism is actually comparable to freedom of speech in the sense that intellectual pluralism means the freedom to debate anything with any style of language. This relates to the freedom of speech with regard to the freedom of the words and ideas used in a debate. In this paper I am going to argue against the extreme ?Pluralism? by giving examples of the huge negative impact of it that far outweighs its positive impact.

Currently, there is two main views with regards to intellectual
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In this section we will examine three aspect hate speeches. These aspects are Political, educational in the sense of university campus speeches, and legal in the sense of international law. First, we will examine an example with a political aspect. The first example is Donald Trump in his many speeches which seem to be dependent on ?emotion? of the masses as the main aspect of persuasion. A specific example of a Donald Trump is a ?speech in which he spoke approvingly of killing Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in the blood of pigs? (STACK). This quote shows how Trump is encouraging the killing of ?Islamic Terrorists? with not even a normal bullet but even a more disgrace, which is on the form of a bullet dipped in pigs? blood. Those forms of talks that bring no benefit from them to society even no debates to refute his claims or racial hatred that he is directing toward ?Muslims? especially since he he specified the type of terrorists that are only deserving of the disgrace even in death. Those remarks encourage hate and racial discrimination in America even contributing to climate of intolerance which is the most important thing the US stands for in terms of freedom and liberty. Further, this speech leads extremist followers of Trump to take violent actions against Muslims around them in which nowadays they consider are terrorists simply for being Muslims. Another very classic example of the use pf hate speeches would be in the time of the Nazi?s. As we all know, the hate-speeches made by Hitler have precipitated so much bloodshed, violence and anti-Semitism in many forms including the Holocaust. So, do we consider those kinds of speeches that are obviously hate-speeches that induce violence protected under freedom of speech principle? Or should we draw the line at speeches that induce violence,

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