The Importance Of Information Management

Register to read the introduction… Currently, the company has only four information technology personnel. This is beneficial for the moment because the company has not yet expanded. Nonetheless, an increase in the growth of the company will require more specialized employees. For instance, the company will need to have system analysts, programmers, database administrators, project leads, system administrators, IT managers, network administrators, and help desk technicians (Norton, …show more content…
There are a limited number of personnel including the four information technology specialists. In addition to the inadequate number of employees, there is a limited information technology infrastructure that was implemented initially. The operating system that is currently being used is Microsoft 8. It is affordable and convenient for the previous needs of the company. It is important that the company remain mindful about its financial state because it was not a million dollar company when it first opened.
Interfaces are important in data collection and analytics because the programs that are written to help make the use of the software more efficient utilizes interfaces. These interfaces are important in technology because they utilize constraints and can only be implemented or extended by other interfaces (Oracle, 2013). Also, interfaces are seen quite often in software and referred to as Application Programming Interfaces (Oracle, 2013). Interfaces are important in the overall production of software and utilizing them in the workplace.
Operating Systems and
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The main purpose of the company is to collect and analyze data. Without the tools and databases for data collection and analysis, this company would not have been as successful (Adobe, 2013). Nonetheless, another source that is used by the company is Adobe Analytics. This tool is used because it is simple and easy to use software for data storage and collection (Adobe, 2013). The benefit of using Adobe Analytics is that it provides users with the tools for relevant data to marketers. It assists in the decision making process with its easy to use tools and tutorials (Adobe, 2013). The company chose the tools that they would use for their business wisely because they were lacking staff and need better quality equipment and software to utilize while not overworking their

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