The Importance Of Influence And Activity On Social Media

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Studies #1 and #3 both link photo sharing and activity on Facebook severely impact the amount of shame and anxiety one may experience. Study #1 also explained that a study done by Chou and Edge in 2012 stated that U.S Facebook users assumed that their friends didn’t try very hard to post flattering photos of themselves (which wasn’t the case), and therefor compared themselves to very high standards (unrealistic ones), which resulted in their lowering of self-esteem. They also found that both men and women described having lower self-esteem after viewing the photos of very attractive people on social media sites. Women reported “significantly higher levels of body-surveillance and body shame” (Manago M. Adriana 2015).
Study #3
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It involves possibly the most widespread phenomena that envelopes our modern world. Millions of people from New York, to Istanbul, to my home-town of Odesa, Ukraine use social media websites. Ignoring the findings of this research and other studies similar to it would be like sticking one’s head in the sand. Social media use is a great medium for discovering new things and making connections, however with this awesome creation, we must be aware of its pitfalls and educate ourselves on coping mechanisms and strategies for avoiding triggers that are personal to each individual. For example, someone who scrolls through their Instagram account for hours once they begin, may want to create a plan where they set a time limit, that would help them foster a healthier relationship with the use of their Instagram account. This would in turn remove the feeling of being a prisoner to one’s phone or perhaps allow someone to not waste as much time with their Instagram account (which would allow them to partake in more productive and healthier activities). Another potential method to cope with this problem is group therapy, in which people can discuss their addictive behaviors towards social media, their feelings before, during, and after social media use, and solutions for limiting exposure or altering the way one views these medias. Overall, this topic seems relevant to

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