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Studies #1 and #3 both link photo sharing and activity on Facebook severely impact the amount of shame and anxiety one may experience. Study #1 also explained that a study done by Chou and Edge in 2012 stated that U.S Facebook users assumed that their friends didn’t try very hard to post flattering photos of themselves (which wasn’t the case), and therefor compared themselves to very high standards (unrealistic ones), which resulted in their lowering of self-esteem. They also found that both men and women described having lower self-esteem after viewing the photos of very attractive people on social media sites. Women reported “significantly higher levels of body-surveillance and body shame” (Manago M. Adriana 2015).
Study #3
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All of the sources listed agree on the idea that social media use (be it Facebook or Instagram in these particular studies) is associated with negative body-image. All the studies except for study listed as #2, “Role of shame and body esteem in cortisol stress responses” also discuss the power other people (especially strangers), have over women on social media. Of the five listed studies, Studies #1 and #3, are similar, however study #3 almost exclusively discusses body-image disturbance in reference to exposure to Facebook photograph activity. Study #1 has a broader research study in which they discuss the effect of Facebook photo activity on body-image, however they also look at the general use of Facebook as well as passive Facebook use, body surveillance, and sexual assertiveness to name a few. Studies #4 and #5 are also similar to one another (as well as to #1 and #3), however study #4 also discusses information overload and psychological distress. Study #5 focuses more on depression, loneliness, envy, and relationship problems. Study #2 is the outlier of the group because it never references social media, however this study is an integral part to this research paper because it does discuss the link between body esteem and cortisol stress responses (which makes this source the backbone for linking cortisol stress response caused by body esteem …show more content…
This would serve as a baseline against which another group of young girls (social media users) would be compared to. This second group of girls would already identify as social media users and would be monitored for the same variables as the control group. I think a study that tries to isolate its research to the effects of social media on its youngest users would be interesting to see, especially due to the fact that children are using electronics and the internet younger. If a significant result is found in this type of study (which I predict based on my research is extremely probable) then perhaps people who are in charge of educational policy, educators, and parents alike will do more to teach healthy strategies with dealing with the current world of information overload and the ramifications of easy access to many damaging-to-self things

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