The Negative Effects Of Technology In Adolescents

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Technology has pervaded its way into every aspect of our lives, for better or for worse. We can only imagine the influence it will have on current and future generations. We can already begin to see the effects. For example, ADHD diagnoses have gone up 3.2% since 2003 (Data and Statistics, It is an increasingly real possibility that technology has been a major influence on the rise of ADHD in adolescents. Technology is flashy and does not require much mental stamina to receive information, especially when it is served in bite sized pieces. The peddlers of this information are clickbait websites that re-format real news into propaganda in order to meet their demographic needs so they can receive more shares and more views and ultimately, …show more content…
I have often found when out with a group of friends or even with another person alone, myself and the other person are compulsed to check their phones to see what people are doing. I feel shame to take part in this behavior instead of trying to introduce a new subject or share some interesting tidbit. It feels sad to see what other people are doing and also internally compare yourself to someone when around others. To be in this day and age is a blessing and a curse, you have access to all the information in the world but instead I spend the time comparing myself to others through social media. This honestly has such a big impact on one 's self esteem because you are always seeing the other person 's best self and not realizing that they are displaying their best self, not their everyday self. It is also distressing to see your friends post pictures of some fun hangout or party you were not invited too. Even if you do not know the people you still feel the sting of the question, why was I not invited? Having gone through this myself, I always make it a point to not post pictures of times I hang out with people. I also feel like you are gloating when you post those pictures. It 's like saying, look at me I have friends, aren’t you jealous? It just strikes me as something a very insecure person would do. To me it 's like this, why can 't you just enjoy the people you are with and share the moment with them? Why do you have to invite other people into something private just because you seek that validation? This also leads to other people seeing this and then feeling compelled to post pictures of them hanging out with people just to seem cool in the eyes of peoples whose opinions shouldn’t even matter. It is a vicious and self replicating cycle. To be honest, I feel like quite a hypocrite. I completely bash all of these behaviors and yet I partake in

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