The Importance Of Immigrants In Europe

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6.6; that 's how many billions of dollars that were spent in order to cope with just 800,000 of the more than a million overwhelming amount of immigrants fleeing from the Middle East and seeking asylum in Europe. The safety of these people is clearly very important to the countries receiving the staggering overflow of immigrants such as Germany and France, but it is also causing significant controversy as to whether they should continue to let hundreds of thousands of refugees into their countries. Not only is this expensive, but it also poses a huge threat towards national security. Recent events may have people believing that most of these immigrants are out to cause terror; however, this is not the case. Many countries in Europe such as …show more content…
They are driven out of their countries because of Imperialist wars, and other military unrest. Europe is the safest place they can feasibly travel to from their home countries. The journey they make in order to reach their destination is extremely dangerous, and only someone desperate would take the risk of making that journey. In late summer of 2015, 12 Syrian immigrants were found lifeless due to drowning during the dangerous voyage toward asylum in the Europe. As conflict in the Middle East grows; more and more people will be fleeing, and trying to reach asylum in Europe. The EU needs to play its part in helping these people in need. The U.S. has actively been helping the Syrian military, and other governments push back against terrorist, and rebel …show more content…
They need to be open minded, and accept that they are being looked to for help, and as a land of refuge. Recently there has been countless acts of terrorism, and this creates a very negative attitude toward the Middle Eastern people. Everyone has begun to assume that these attacks have to do with the excess amount of Syrian Refugees. This is not the case, in fact, all of the identified assailants involved in the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 were citizens of European Union countries. Although the attacks were most likely coordinated by Islamic State operatives, the radicalism was “homegrown” and cannot be placed on Syrian refugees.
The negative connotation with the Islamic religion really broke out after the attacks on 9/11, and this feeling of hatred has continued to boil in the blood of western civilization ever since. We cannot aim our hatred at a single religion, but only at the people who are causing these horrific and unforgiving events. That is where almost everyone fails, and the refugees today are feeling the full wrath of modern

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