IT Security: Unauthorized Access To Society's Personal Information

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What is ‘IT SECUIRTY’?
IT security is the implementation of defending illegal, unauthorized access to society’s personal information, and to design systems to securely safeguard documents, held on ICT equipment and applications.
We need to have this type of security due to; General society, businesses, organizations and the government, all using ICT based applications and technology to store valuable data, such as; Names, addresses, contact information, phone calls, credit history, medical records, employment history, convictions and or secretive files.

There is IT security within homes and schools, due these places containing ICT technology which possess important files and personal information. Also living
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The following are the important uses and benefits of a computer network -
• File/Hardware sharing - Networking of ICT technology helping the network users to share such things. Without using computer networks, this sharing is not possible.
• Application sharing - Allows to implement client/server applications.
• User communication - Networks allowing users to communicate to each other, for example; Using e-mail, newsgroups, and video conferencing.
• Voice over IP - Voice over is a modern change in telephone calls, which allow people to send telephone calls using standardized Internet Protocol rather than using PSTN (anagram for - Public Switched Telephone Network).

The Copyright Law gives the inventors media rights to control how their creations are distributed and used. Books, music, video and software can all be protected by the Copyright Law (prevention of piracy). With the Copyright Law in place imitations are imposed by copyright
• Making a copy of the original to give to a friend, or to sell it on for profit.
• Using the software on a computer network, (unless the creator and or licence allows

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