The Importance Of Human Experience

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The desire to escape is one of the most powerful themes which resonates throughout the tapestry of human experience....... It permeates the spectrum of recorded literature, religious scripture, political ideology, and spiritual reflection....... from ancient mythologies and oral traditions, right up to present day pop culture, this broader idea plays itself out again, and again, and again..... there seems to be something about the human condition, which instinctively recognizes this underlying incessant need, to escape...... Somehow our individual experiences, which innately reject confinement, restriction, and oppression, seem to connect us all, to the larger human story, a larger quest, a deeper need...... and of course our perspective on …show more content…
Most of us would like to focus on the idea of the creator itself, as a unifying principle, some kind of banner under which everyone can feel content to find community and common ground.... and while we can appreciate these sentiments to some degree, ultimately We 'll find ourselves reflecting back on human history, when virtually all cultures and civilizations believed in the reality of a creator, but this commonality did not by itself translate into the absence of all the same ills we tire of today..... it did not mean the absence of tyranny, the absence of empire, the absence of oppression, or war, or plunder, it did not prevent mankind from splitting into endless factions based on the struggle for power and resources...... it did not bring peace.... and interestingly enough, in virtually all of these ancient cultures which shared the belief in some kind of creator, there was one perspective within each of them that links them all together.... the majority of these ancient kingdoms and cultures shared some form of the view that civilization itself was initiated and guided by an array of advanced beings, which descended from the heavens above..... the annunaki, the gods, the watchers, the dragon kings..... they were described by many names, but in every case they were revered as the ones who held the keys for mankind to learn the secrets necessary to perfect himself, and one day ascend back to where these magnificent creatures came from...... but in the midst of all these traditions, there was one which set itself apart from the rest..... in the conviction of this small isolated people, they believed that the only being worth trusting, was the creator himself, the eternal one, the God who made everything, even the host of angelic creatures which descended from the heavens, and this God, this creator who claimed to stand above all other figures of worship, had a most singularly unique appraisal, of the condition of man...... unlike the teachings of all the other

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