Homosexual Couples Should Not Be Allowed To Adopt

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In my point of view, I think homosexual couples should not have the right to raise a child. I understand that they want to get married, form a family and be a happy family with children but that doesn’t always mean that the child would be happy too. Homosexuals cannot make their own babies, but that doesn’t mean they should be allowed to adopt or raise a child. Even though only lesbian couple can reproduce the same way a heterosexual couple can, but that still doesn’t make it right. Many people believe that a child is better raise with a homosexual couple but sometimes is not always like that. In the book Thematic Reader, Sullivan says “since there’s no reason gays should not be allowed to adopt or be foster parents, it could also help nurture …show more content…
In addition, many children would get bullied and judged because of that. I agree that not all he children react the same way as other. Some child would not care what others think but that still not right because they still get picked on and make fun. Sometimes the age that a child has won don’t let them understand what they going through. As they grow up they will realize why people make fun of them.
When it comes to the topic of gay marriage, all religious people have different opinions about it. That is why many people argue that homosexuality is a sin based on their religion. They use this to fight against gay marriage. However, my own view is that they should be a separation of church and state because everyone believes different. There should not be a law because the Bible or some other religious scripture says so. This country has a large variety of religions and beliefs. Everyone has a right to that. But to take away from someone else’s happiness, especially if it does not affect you directly, is just messed up. There are too many different beliefs to effectively determine what a sin is or not. Lying is a sin, but liars aren’t denied their civil rights. The argument that homosexuality is a sin isn’t
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The Supreme Court will receive a historic debate about gay marriage. This case has been called Obergefell v. Hodges. Today I find out about this issue and I wanted talk a little bit about it because it is whether they should legalize gay marriage in all 50 states or not. The Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is a popular judge because he is the one that has the final decision if there was a tied of votes. Right now he is in a mixed mind, but it seems as he wants to make it work for homosexuals. Kennedy pushed lawyer Mary L. Bonauto, on behalf of gay couples interesting some states prohibitions, to clarify why the court should change the tradition of marriage as only between a man and a woman when the idea of same-sex marriage is so new. In the article “Supreme Court hears arguments in historic gay-marriage case” Kennedy said “I don’t even know how to count the decimals when we talk about millennia. This definition has been with us for millennia, and it’s very difficult for the court to say, ‘Oh, well, we know better.’ ” He knows this topic has been going on for years now. And it’s hard for him to make a decision. He is aware that his decision can change a lot of lives. He don’t know whether the court knows more or not. On the other hand homosexuals say “of course, we understand the nobility and the sacredness of the marriage, we know we can’t procreate, but we want the other

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