The Importance Of Homiletical Idea And Sermon

Homiletical Idea and Sermon
The definition of homiletics in reference to ministry is clearly defined as the “art of preparing sermons and preaching,” the gospel of Jesus Christ. The art of a sermon is showing or practicing a God given talent or gift before believers of God’s word. In the natural, homiletical idea can be viewed as method of brainstorming to convey God’s word to His people. Unfortunately, God is all spiritual, therefore, any method of preaching or teaching should be approached with seeking God first through prayer, meditation, and the reading of Scripture repeatedly to find its meaning. The Apostle Paul know this approach quite well. Paul’s letter written to Corinthian’s church states, “My speech and my message were not in plausible
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5:1-4, EVS). Overall, Paul’s purpose was spiritual, because the people stood in need of salvation and transformation to do the will of God, (Amos.3:3, EVS). Therefore, the audience should hear the importance of pleasing God and being obedient to his word ministered through His chosen vessel concerning togetherness or unity. Paul’s labor had been for the Lord to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In all essence, Paul had a sincere heart for God’s people after becoming truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The third homiletical idea comes from the Scripture reading of John 13:31-35 in the New Testament. The homiletical idea is to recognize the glory of God through Jesus Christ’s love for the world, (Jn. 3:16, EVS). Jesus Christ death and betrayal was for God’ glorification, because it was God’s will and Jesus Christ acted accordingly in the will of obedience. Therefore, the purpose of the homiletical idea is to minister strongly in the glorification of God and his love for humanity, (1 Cor. 13:1-3, EVS). The audience should be help in knowing Jesus Christ’s death was not in vain; it represented the teaching to the disciple in the suffering for God, all the while describing the fellowship of the brotherly love one should have for one another. As a result, others will see the brotherly love of fellowship, as true disciples of Jesus Christ. The audience should hear and see the act of brotherly love and be drawn to take part in the fellowship as well. In closing, the homiletical idea was founded through a New Testament Commentary, the EVS Bible, and a Handy Bible encyclopedia. The purpose of the sermons is to convey the thoughts of God written in His word. God does not want His people ever doubting that He cares, but it takes much effort for His people to trust His plans and purpose for their

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