Personal Narrative: My ADHD

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The Battle
"We began to pray against the dizziness, taking authority over any attack [from Satan] in the name of Jesus Christ. You know what happened? They got worse! The enemy, once discovered, usually doesn 't just roll over and go away without a fight. Notice that sometimes Jesus rebukes a foul spirit "in a stern voice" (see Luke 4:35). In fact, when he encounters the guy who lives out in the Gerasenes Tombs, tormented by a legion of spirits, the first rebuke by Jesus doesn 't work. He had to get more information, and really take them on (Luke 8:26-33). Now if Jesus had to get rough with these guys, don 't you suppose we will have to as well? Staci and I held our ground, resisting the onslaught "firm in the faith," as Peter says, and you
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We have no authority but through Jesus Christ to shut that little weasel up! My ADHD is a weak point, but I know that it 's a cute attempt that all of these things happen to take place at the very time I am scheduled.. yes, Scheduled for my meeting with God. Not only is it a meeting, but a time for me and him to metaphorically play catch in the yard with his amazing stories that he has written. For my day to be reeled in to focus on what is important, because I have no clue at this point where I would be without him. I 'm almost scared to regress from God, because I 'm in it too deep with the devil. I 've bucked his system way too many times, and the fear I have is satisfied by the one who scares my fears …show more content…
It 's purely distraction, but tell me that you didn 't binge watch the new season of House Of Cards (and be disappointed....and not disappointed at the same time?... FOCUS JORDAN) or play through the new Halo all the way through. It 's just devotional time anyway. I did it yesterday, I can take a few days off to enjoy this game or show... right? What about in my example with the audio book.

I was excited about this book "Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge" but J.C. Ryle puts it perfectly.

"Let us be very careful that we never exalt any minister, sermon, book, or friend above the Word of God."

Although the minister may be preaching about the word of God, and perhaps even extending the word of God. We have to go back to the original word of God, to gain life. It 's commanded of us in our everyday life. It 's the same as brushing our teeth and taking a shower. We stink of sin, and lure temptation with our very human, and very vulnerable stench. To deviate from God 's word is demonic, and cheating on God is just as real as cheating on your wife, or girlfriend. It 's just not very public. I challenge you to read the word of God everyday, and when you do, you will fill that hole that is there for

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