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Change for Healthier Choices
For years, providing students healthy eating options is a common problem within many college campus food services. With something as important as student’s health and wellbeing, college food services across the nation need to make a larger effort to solve their lack of nutritious meal options.
Like many other colleges, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology’s convenience store, Miner Shack, does not provide students with healthy snacks or meal choices. The Miner Shack is an on campus store that sells food after dining hours. For students who did not or could not fit the campus’ dining hours into their busy schedules, the Miner Shack is their only on campus meal option. The problem students’ face with the
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Freshman students living on campus are required to buy a food plan. It is not right to force a student to spend money on a nonrefundable account for unhealthy foods they don’t wish to eat. The store has unreasonable expectations for students who wish to eat healthy. The Miner Shack should not expect someone who wants to eat healthy to eat their prepackaged salads and sandwiches as a meal every single day. Choosing to eat healthy does not mean buying a salad for every meal, which is exactly what the Miner Shack expects healthy food seeking students to do (Goldstein). The campus’ Student Health promotes healthy eating habits, but these efforts are not shown in their convenience store’s selection of meals. By reducing unhealthy temptations, freshman college students would avoiding gaining weight. Providing appealing, unhealthy food choices gets more attention than providing students with healthy options. The goal for college campuses should be providing students with healthy choices that they will pick over junk food.(Goldstein). ¬¬¬¬The Miner Shack has failed to do this for its

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