Informatics In Health Care Essay

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In today 's complex health care system, informatics is widely used to convey communication and record the delivery of care that a client receives within the Canadian health care system. Informatics is a broad concept that covers a wide range of technology. It is delivery and storage system of information (Rubenfield & Scheffer, 2015). Technology and electronic information is continuing to increase rapidly in today 's healthcare environment and this is changing the way that healthcare providers are delivering and documenting the care that they provide (Police, Foster, & Wong, 2010). Specifically, the focus of this paper will be communicating about electronic health records system used at Kingston’s acute care hospital.
Electronic health records
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One concern is due to lack of funding and collaboration among provinces. This problem has led to the creation of multiple systems that are working as EHR in today’s healthcare system. Consequently, this means that one hospital may not be able to communicate or show the care that was provided. Thus, causing redundancies and confusion with care that the client was provided within he Canadian healthcare system (Webster, 2010). Another concern is over the safety of this system and ensuring that information is not read by unauthorized viewers. This system does have an individual username and password for ever appropriate health care operators of the system. The government created Canada Health Infoway who is responsible for the creation, development, implemetation and evaluation of the electronic health records system (Canada Health Infoway, 2014) At Kingston’s acute care hospital they have created there own policy in accordance to the privacy policies of the Canadian government. The hospital will ensure that the appropriate user has access to the system and noncompliance with the rules will be enforced by the institution,
Electronic health records system has the potential to improve safety and the quality of care by storing valuable assessments data that can alert the healthcare providers to safety concerns (Sittig, Ash, & Singh, 2014). electronic health records system will insure the continuity of care by using the proper nursing process and documentation that will be accessible to the health sector within one electronic system (College of Nurses of Ontario,

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