The Importance Of Health Care In The United States

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Health care is one of the most intensive, and growing industries in the United States. It is used to help maintain, and improve the health of individuals. For example, health care is entitled to the uses of; medical research used by professionals, the institutions that provide care, the drugs and devices needed, and insurance coverage (1). Health care initially began as a request by the citizens of the United States; which was as early as the 1920’s (2). As time went on, citizens began requesting the expansion of benefits. These requests included; employment benefit plans, health insurance, disability benefits, and financial aid programs. However, health care is a huge controversial topic in the United States. There are a variety of circumstances …show more content…
Many individuals feel that they are entitled to receive medical treatment. They also believe that it should be equal to all, and not forced by the government as a taxed expense. There are many positive and negative aspects of health care. Some positive aspects may include; the limitation of diseases, saving lives, and economic productivity. However, some negative aspects may include; the raising of taxes, doctor shortages, and the increase of debt.
Many individuals support health care. Some believe that the issuance of health care is recognized as a human right through the Declaration of Independence (3). Throughout the Declaration of Independence there are many humans rights recognized; the best known is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This statement shows that health care upon use can guarantee happiness, and life. Without health
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Some believe that using the government 's money to engage in health care will increase the debt, and deficits in the United States (4). Unfortunately, the budget used on health care has increased by 11%; initially beginning at 10% in 1985. As years go on and we continue to support health care; the federal budget can plummet. Also, taxes could continue to raise. If more individuals are giving into health care issuances; the possibilities of how much it can cost will end in a result of higher taxes. Higher taxes means angrier people. Angrier people can lead to chaos causing controversy among the government, and the people. However; health care takes a long time to receive (7). The downfall is that many patients cannot receive the type of care they need, and if the country is poor; the amount of care given can be very limited. Unfortunately, there are some people who want to receive health care that do not need it. By doing this, they tax the system; resulting in unnecessary burdens. With unnecessary burdens created, health care could have a potential of downfalling. There are some PACS that do not support health care. One being, Conservative Solutions PAC. Conservative Solutions PAC is a super PAC that supported Marco Rubio’s stance of killing Obamacare. It goes against health care by fully negotiating the giving of insurance to individuals, and whether or not they should receive it (8). Another PAC against the way health care runs is;

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