The Importance Of Hapti Haptic Architecture

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Architecture today is masked by the ambition of providing beauty and elegance to the visual sensation of people’s eyes. We tend to make things more complicated by trying too hard to make a building beautiful. We must understand that architecture needs to be experienced not only by our eyes but by our emotional and spiritual entity. Haptic architecture emphasize not on the beauty of the arts, but the way we perceive by touch and inner body experience. This is imperative to architects trying to satisfy clients and make their lives feeling more sensuous and comfortable mentally. Our psychological dependence on comfort is essential for our well-beings. We cannot live in a hectic space, overwhelmed by too much sensory information at a time, thus this make people feel negative and moody. As architects, by studying haptic architecture, we can input into our design and make people feel timeless and tranquil. …show more content…
Different types of architecture gives people different vibes. When you are in a classroom, you feel either ready to learn or overwhelmed to listen to the instructor, regardless of how beautiful the classroom is. When you are in your own room, you feel different, more like relaxed and lazy. How can architects build an environment where they can actually alter the people’s sensory feeling? How can we, as architect, make the feeling of space slower and give a sensory ideology of body and skin? Haptic architecture is a hard concept to understand, I must admit, but to think a space that goes slowly, and giving us a bodily experience, must be incredibly ineffable for the experiencer to

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