The Importance Of Group Counseling

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In working with this client it is important to understand her resistance. Her underlying cause that are driving her maladaptive behaviors. The client is pushing her husband away by her need to watch his every move and wondering if he is constantly cheating on her. In the client’s case, resistance is serving a purpose of impeding the uncovering of the problem and “once a conflict is reactivated in psychotherapy, they interfere with the renunciation of unconscious wishes and fantasies associated with the conflict” (Manetta, Gentille, & Gillig, 2011). The client is scared to move forward in her relationship because he could cheat again and any kind of good that was done during the time he was cheating would be a lie. Her resistance is being used …show more content…
Describe the specific group counseling techniques and intervention that you would use with this client/system. Share how your recommendations relate to your theoretical approach described above.
The client would benefit from a small group of women in as an additional counseling treatment to feel support and understood by other wives and mothers. One of the most beneficial techniques that would be useful with this client and the group is encouraging. In the use of encouraging the client and group will be able to be more open within the group to sharing personal feelings and details of their life that makes the group more inviting. In use of gestalt therapy the client and the group must be in the here and now. The group is encouraged to engage in what is taking place right this moment and share their thoughts and feelings in the moment in order to be more authentic and share reality.
Ethical and Legal
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Describe any ethical or legal issues that pertain to the case and their impact. Examples of ethical issues that could be considered are: transference/countertransference, court-referred clients, informed consent, boundary violations, poor self-care, limits of confidentiality, and any mandated reporting required (e.g. Child or Adult Protective Services). Are there any counselor limitations due to state code and legislation? Are professional counselors legally able to diagnose in your state? Explain at least one challenge you might encounter related to third-party billing and payments for counseling services.
Please describe how you addressed and resolved or would address and resolve with these ethical and legal issues. You must cite the ACA code that applies to this

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