The Importance Of Greco-Roman Literature

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The ancient Greco-Roman legacy is filled with many things that you would typically find on a day to day basis. For instance, everyone uses the alphabet, whether it be reading or writing, and there is architecture, which is almost everywhere around the world. The ancient Greco-Roman world has made an impact on everyday life for everyone. We have a government and welfare system because of the ancient Greco-Roman world. That is a big factor in day to day life nowadays.

The alphabet is quite beneficial because it is used every day from reading the paper or writing down what you need to do for the day. The alphabet started back in ancient Egypt by 2700 B.C.E. It was used for hieroglyphics of the Egyptian writing to represent a single consonant
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The ancient Greeks created several great myths and works of literature to do just that. The Greeks wanted to influence us by how we speak and write literature. Myths were used to explain the world for the Greeks. The ancient Greeks believed in many gods. The gods were the center of Greek mythology. Mythology is stories about gods and heroes that explain how the world works. Back then they were unsure why the world changed seasons and why it rained. To this day, we can explain why it rains and why the seasons change.

The ancient literature has influenced me by the literature altogether. The main thing that has influenced me is fables. The Greeks told stories to teach people important lessons. Fables are short stories that teach you about life lessons or give you advice on how to live. Fables are so popular that they have given us expressions in which we use to this
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