The Importance Of Friendship Relationships

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In my ethnographic research I will be using relationship rules to further understand how and why connections structure and dismantle themselves. Relationship rules are “principles that prescribe appropriate communication and behavior within friendship relationships” (Argyle and Henderson, 1984)), an extension of relational maintenance. Proper application of these rules generally determines a happy friendship from an unhappy one, being universal principles regardless of gender or culture. The tasks include showing support, seeking support, respecting privacy, keeping confidences, defending your friends, avoiding public criticism, making your friends happy, managing jealousy, shared humor, and maintaining equity. I’ll be applying the ideals of making your friends happy and maintaining equity. When both parties give and get in a fair distribution a relationship can be defined as healthy, positive even. This is a fact illustrated by a friend close to me, who quite often makes our time spent together on her terms, dictated by her schedule, wishes, and desires. When together, she makes sure that it is …show more content…
Making your friends happy can happen in many ways, one of them being sharing in activities they enjoy. A friend of mine is guilty of this, in effect posturing herself to continually self sacrifice while in their company. The group of them enjoy going out, more often than not partying every weekend and sometime during the week. She on the other hand isn’t a fan of this, but engages anyways to appease her group of friends. And despite her not being totally at ease in such environments, she doesn’t voice her dissent in order to not shake the current order of things, seemingly working. Making them happy, by doing things they want, is a tool she uses to maintain her relationships, even if it comes at an expense to her

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