The Importance Of Food Waste

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While a lot of people around the world are suffering from poverty and hunger, there are millions of food are waste every day. Food is a significate part to save the human life, but have you ever thought about food waste? Food waste! it might be a kind of strange topic to think about, right? Many people do not know what “food waste” meaning. Depending on a report of United Nations, Food waste is the important part of food loss which is the decrease in quantity or quality of food (Think. Eat. Save,2016). Rastegary reported “1.3 billion tons of food with 1.5 quadrillion kcal is wasted globally per year”. (Rastegary, 2015). In France alone, there is around seven million tons of food go to trash every year (Marshall, 2016). Unfortunately, food …show more content…
In addition, people who have a high level of income are the most food waste. Finn in his research study wrote “There is a certain suppressed discomfort regarding food waste; at a deep level most people realize that food is valuable and should not be so easily squandered—but our fast-paced lifestyles do not allow us to stop for deeper reflection.” (Finn, 2014, p8). It is fact, 20% is the number for the percentage of food that are found in the trash. In an article about increasing food waste, it is written, “A significant positive loading for the component comes from agreement that buying in bulk leads to more wasted food in their household.” (Roe,2016). ““Most people don 't think food waste is important, because most people don 't think about it at all," said Von Massow, paraphrasing Jonathan Bloom, author of American Wasteland. “(Lovell, …show more content…
Even countries that deal with science to solve their problems, they still could not get a final solution for food waste. The best idea they could find is to recycle the food waste. Because they see that when food waste is recycled, food waste can be used to be useful by a few methods. In contrast, there are some countries reject the idea of food waste recycle because this method need equipment that cost a lot of many. Likewise, people do not like this idea because they do not want to pay more and they do not want to be forced for some products choice. (Tokareva, Eglīte,

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