The Importance Of Food In Cambodia

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The world we live in is like a constant bicycle wheel that never stops. We as, human beings are always on the go and has not come to recognize what our world can offer, right in our backyards. We live in a fast paced society, that we don 't usually have time to cook. Therefore, we are slowly killing our own ability to know how to cook. Thereby as consumers, we buy food that are convenient for us . In fact, we don 't really sit down and actually enjoy our food but instead eat food as if we are in a food eating competition. In result, food is not as appreciated as food should be. Therefore, we should know where our food is coming from and how is it prepared. Although we don’t realize how our food are prepared/ where our food come from, we do …show more content…
People in Cambodia believe food should not be wasted, if so we assume those people are unappreciative of their food. Majority of the population grow fruits and vegetable right in their backyard which makes it easier for them to prepare their food. Thereby, I’ve realize when I eat food in Cambodia, the dishes taste better than in America because it is tastier and fresh. The fruits are sweeter, the vegetables are fresh making the dishes savior. In addition to the delicious food, Cambodian love to eat food with a large group of people. They believe by having a large group to enjoy food with makes food taste better but also you are having a great time with your friends and/or family. Furthermore, the poverty stricken country of Cambodia made me recognize my appreciation of the food I consume. In Cambodia , I see starving kids search for food in the garbage, sometimes going days without food or even looking for food for their parents or sibling. Cambodia is such a poor country that to survive you need to work twice as hard to earn a living, causing some people to forget about education due to their need to get money. Therefore , noticing such a cruel world we live in , I come to realize food should not be taken for granted but a gift from mother nature. My experience in Cambodia has greatly influenced my consumption of food. For this reason, I believe people’s experience through their upbringings shapes their life and how they would perceive

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