The Importance Of Faith In Cormack Mccarthy's The Road

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In an obstacle, staying optimistic is never an easy task. The overwhelming and circulating thoughts of possible scenarios tend to lead a person to drastic measures of hope. It takes a special kind to believe the good in everything, and to remain faithful in God’s purpose as well as yours, in a horrific or hopeless experience. The son and father in The Road set off in a ominous journey to survive and avoid any of the evil in their newfound life. Cormack McCarthy’s The Road portrays and parallels an average life with the search of hope and God in a post apocalyptic world.
Amongst the disparity that is spread throughout their world, the father and his son wish to survive, however their larger goal is to find a sense of hope in humanity and
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The people and experiences brought upon the boy and his father do nothing to fulfill their faith in God and his protection. However, it takes some madness to bring out the good in everything. As nobody could be sure why such a thing occurred in the world, the belief of God and religion could diminish. The godless scenery of the world in the beginning of the book encompasses the lack of faith that still remains in the society. Within the tragic experiences that the boy and the father witnessed, God was constantly rewarding them for the boys kindness and innocence. The goodness in the little boy, the unselfishness, and sense of sympathy that he held in such a disturbed and tragic world, was a type that could only be described as the voice of God. Quote, “He only knew the child was his warrant. He said: If he is not the voice of God God never spoke”(McCarthy 12). The father acknowledges the way that the boy acts towards people and emphasizes that he is a gift from God, and is what keeps him going in this cruel world. Calling the boy his warrant refers to him as being the way through life, his son will help him through obstacles by being the light in all of the darkness surrounding him. For example, when he makes his father go back and return the clothes to the man who stole their cart. Mccarthy displays this when he writes about the boy saying, “Just look at …show more content…
The darkness and unknown of what lies ahead of us impacts and controls the intuition of some people. In the real world, nothing can be expected, and anything can happen, this is similar to in the story when the boy and the father are walking along the road and never truly know what lies ahead of them. There is also a similar risk factor that is represented in the book that can be found in real life. The balance of when to take risks and when to second guess yourself is shown through both the boy and the father. The father, always wanting to find food and shelter, is eager to venture into any house they find. While on the other hand, the little boy is always very timid and unwanting to go off of the road and go into a house in the woods. In both instances, there were good and bad results of taking the risk, which means that both being timid and ambitious had their positives and negatives throughout the novel. This is similar in life, while being tenacious is a good attribute and can lead to success, judgement is necessary in certain situations to make the most viable decisions. Taking chances in life are necessary, and although the boy was always nervous to go off of the road, it paid off for him in the end when he opened himself up to the family that he found when his father died”(McCarthy 386). This also applies to the true intentions and trust in people of the

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