The Importance Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The Importance of Fahrenheit 451 and Knowledge Imagine a bibliophilic losing one of their favorite books or having it stolen. That would be a sight to see. But what if one of his or her books were burned? If it is lost or stolen, the chances of them getting the book back is high. If the books are burned, the books are gone forever, never to be returned. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, burning down houses with illegal books in it is the common practice. One of the main characters, Guy Montag, is a fireman who loves doing his job and he lives like everyone else in his society: reading is considered illegal and being intellectual is not accepted. Guy meets a young girl named Clarisse who explains to him how she loves to read and the outdoors. Guy’s curiosity gets the best of him and he starts to steal …show more content…
He tries to keep this covert. (Vocab) He quickly rushes home to hide the book from his wife and his boss. (Hyperbole) His secret is not kept for long; his wife and boss later find out that he is keeping these books hidden in his house. They order for the books to be burnt and then Guy runs away from his town. Faber, a retired English professor who assists Montag, tells him to run to the river to meet a group of men. Guy escapes the mechanical hound by jumping into the river and later finds the group of guys around a bonfire and tries to stay hiding. They introduce themselves as book titles that they have memorized. Ultimately, these men saved Montag. Bradbury’s book as an important message that we should know today in our society and that is what makes this book important to read. Reading, thinking, and knowledge are very important in today’s society because without reading, one will not be able to expand one’s knowledge, one will not understand many important things, and one

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