Nursing Facts Essay

Facts may not always represent reality and truth, but they allow the human’s mind to be free from the aversion of uncertainty and ambiguity. Facts play a crucial role in the health/medical field. As a health profession, it is important to rely on facts in order to accurately monitor a patient’s health. At the same time, it is also crucial for the patient to understand the facts of one’s condition in order to have it treated respectively. I am both a health paraprofessional and a patient. As an unemployed certified nursing assistant (CNA) whose certification is soon to be expired and a patient who’s currently undergoing recovery from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, I came across a problem that restlessly boggled my mind. I had often …show more content…
From experience, the process of surgery as well as post-operation are sufficiently insufferable. As I connect my experience with the fact that retears are possible, I interpret that interrupting my stage of recovery is probably unhealthy. The risk of undergoing a second surgery from further injuring myself is far too costly when compared to the expiration of my certification. Along with the risks of re tearing my ACL and undergoing another surgery, facts also suggest that actively using my healing knee could cause long-term health problems. One main long-term health problem that ACL reconstruction patients could live to experience is osteoarthritis ( Maguire and Mervyn). Osteoarthritis is an incurable disease in the joints (What Is Osteoarthritis?). Improper healing of the knee could lead to this disease as well as arthritis in general. Being an ACL patient at least once has already increase my chance of acquiring the long-term condition of arthritis, but it would be even likely for me in the future if I decide not to recover properly. Aside from long-term knee pain, back pain is a common health condition. Based on the article Resolving Back Pain in Nurses, it states the fact that that nurses suffer lower back pain due to overusing it. Additionally, lower back problems do not only result from a sudden impact possible during a patient lift, but also from the repetitive nature of the job with regard to standing, bending, and holding certain positions during a shift, and the totality of such within a week, a month and a career (Reid). All of these situations are done from avoiding to use the leg muscles. Under my current condition, my quad muscle is not strong enough, which will then result in the dependence of my back. Not using leg muscles and properly using lifting technique will also increase the chances of shoulder, neck, and back injuries. The identified facts

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