The Importance Of Experience At School

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On a Wednesday morning in early August 2013, I was happily driving to work while listening to music “… another day, a voice in my head is telling me time is passing, … live today …. Every day is a new life, a new start.”, Sirvan Khosravi. That day was the start of the new quarter at school and as a routine, we had an all staff meeting prior the beginning of the classes. Throughout the meeting, I was supposed to be announced as the new assistant principal of Gooyesh Academy. As usual, I arrived an hour earlier to school so that I could socialize and help the administrative staff. As I was greeting my colleagues and making jokes with the custodian of the school, the superintendent, Mr. Garoosian, saw me in the corridor and asked me to join him …show more content…
Yet, the majority of the classes at the time were behind or forward from the set calendar. This had made the situation chaotic, since not only I had to remember when each class begins and when it finishes but It was almost impossible to rotate the teachers to have students experience different teaching styles. Also, the registration of the students was so scattered through different periods that we could not rely on our budget heavily. On top of that, the students could not trace their progress in a year systematically. One of the top priorities in order to organize the school was taking appropriate measurements to have the classes back to the track. After taking all the options possible thoroughly into consideration, what seemed the most efficient was considering makeup classes for the classes which were behind and extend breaks for the ones which were ahead of the calendar. Moreover, the only possible days that the teachers were available and the school had vacant classroom was over the weekend after the weekend classes which finished after 2 …show more content…
Some of the teachers who had to spend their only day off teaching at school were opposing with this plan. I also heard some rumors spread that the students were making a campaign to persuade their classmates not to show up so that we had to cancel the classes. In addition, at some points of this process was frustrating for me because back then I was not aware of people’s natural resistance to change as Evans stated that the majority of people resist change (2001). I used to think that they disagree with me because of my new position and they are envious but I understand that there are always “Naysayers” for a process of change (Leonard 10). Admitting candidly, I knew in my heart that this was not fair enough to put this pressure on all the school though there were not any other choices left. However, I could sweeten the pill with trying to make school atmosphere different on those days by preparing special plans to welcome the students and prepare games for the break

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