The Importance Of Expectations In Today's Society

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“When you have expectations you are setting yourself up for disappointment. ” Ryan Reynolds. The amount of expectations in today 's society has caused many problems. This paper will show that people should go into situations with little to none expectations high or low. Parents around the world have expectations and dreams for their children. Some want their children to be sports stars, others want their children to be brain surgeons. No matter the child, their life is full of expectations. These expectations are not only deriving from their parents, they are also coming from their friends, their church, their school, their coaches, and from society. Every person experiences the effects of expectations, sometimes it helps, and sometimes these …show more content…
I was able to find entire paragraphs lifted off of web sites,’ I stammered.
‘No, I mean she didn 't do it. I did. I wrote her paper.’"
The mother later explains how she didn’t want her daughter to get to stressed out over the paper and she had a lot going on. Her finishing product wouldn’t have been as good.

There are also theories that parents don’t ask children to do enough. “It’s not that children today can’t behave -- it’s just that we don’t ask them to”. Fred Bernstein has degrees in architecture and law. He talks about how he had a birthday party for seven year old children and they didn’t behave accordingly while they were at a baseball game. He goes on to say that children they age used to work in the fields and help raise younger siblings. The children nowadays are no longer expected to behave because the bar of expectations has been moved down so much lower.

There are many students who feel like their teachers expect too much of them and think they 're smarter than they are. Really it helps the student grow smarter. Many people believe that when someone treats another like they are smarter than than they are, than that other is thought to believe themselves inferior. This a a myth and is exactly the
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This study was conducted by Robert Rosenthal a professor at harvard. “Rosenthal picked a random group of students from each classroom and told the teachers that these students were ‘bloomers’ that were predicted to blossom into brilliant students.” James Clear reactants a summary of the study in his article High Expectations: When to be Unreasonable With Yourself (And When to Take it Easy). James Clear is an entrepreneur who writes about everyday struggles for everyday people. In the study the children who were called “bloomers” actually were just average students with normal test scores. Rosenthal went back sometime later and gave the students another test and the children called “bloomers” actually had improved IQ’s since the last test. The question of how did this happened is answered later in the article. “Compared to the other children in the class, the ‘bloomers’ were given more feedback, allowed more time for answering questions, and generally received more smiles, nods, and gestures of approval from their teachers”. (Clear) When teachers pay more attention to students it helps those students grow to become

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