The Importance Of Ethical Practice

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On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, the writer began the day operating the front desk. She answered the phone, directed calls, accepted donations, and passed out mail to clients. Later in the day, the writer assisted a recovery client with checking her credit score. The writer assisted the client with creating an account with credit karma and printing needed information from the site. She needed to retrieve the information so she could create a payment plan for her delinquent accounts. The writer ended the day getting CNA course material ready for a shelter client that is about to start the STAT Medical Services CNA program. Some of the course material included a watch with second hand, scrubs, stethoscope, one box vinyl gloves, paper, pen, highlighter, …show more content…
Later in the day, she operated the front desk. The writer ended the day going through donations to see if there were clothes for the children that are living at Damascus Way. Values and Ethical Practice:
Reflecting on the use of professional social work values and implementation of ethical practices in my internship activities this week, the writer was able to implement the importance of human relationships by working with Ms. Sylvia to get the shelter clients to do their chores. Mrs. Sylvia and the writer worked together by first identifying barriers that are preventing the clients from doing their chores. Secondly, identifying ways they can become motivated to complete their chores.

Critical Thinking and Professional Knowledge:
During this week, the writer utilized critical thinking by brainstorming ways to get the clients motivated to do their chores. To motivate the clients, the writer decided to reward them, set a schedule for each chore, check in after chores are completed, and do big chores as a team. By implementing these things, chores will get done in a timely
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The writer could not understand why the shelter women have such a hard time doing their chores. Ms. Sylvia explained to the writer that it’s not that they refuse to do their chores, it’s more of personal views and environmental factors. She explained to the writer that what one person may think is clean may not be what another person think is clean. In addition, most of the shelter clients have up to five kids in a small space and work all day. So it’s difficult for them to maintain a clean place. She expressed that it can be stressful to deal with for staff, but it’s important to try to look at it from their perspectives; to educate them; and to continue to motivate them. By explaining the situation, Mrs. Sylvia allowed the writer to view things from the clients’ point of view. This will allow the writer to work more effectively with clients and help them improve their well-being so they can become more

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