Essay On Nancy's Poem Figurative Language

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Introduction – 45 to 60 seconds
Nancy is writing a poem about the joy of giving back to her community. She has recently volunteered at a local food shelter.
The experience feeding the homeless was a life changing time for Nancy, so she wants to capture that moment by writing a poem.
Poems are different than prose, which is our everyday writing. Poetry often uses fancy language to express a point while prose straightforward.
Before Nancy began writing her poem, she drafted a few metaphors she wanted to include.
Instead of writing in blocks of text like you would in prose, Nancy wrote in lines and stanzas.
She used figurative language to highlight the appearance of the homeless people she served.
Nancy used informal language in her poem to express how grateful she was for the opportunity to serve
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When she grows up she plans to attend college and major in creative writing.
One of her specialties is writing poetry. The poems she writes are upbeat and cheerful, just like her personality.
One of the reasons she likes writing poetry is because she doesn’t feel restricted by rigid rules.
Poems can be written in any language style, so whatever mood she’s in that day is often reflected in her poems.
As a result, she has written poems in formal and formal language. She also has authored poems that do not follow the rules of grammar.

Remediation for Clip C – 25 to 35 seconds
Tony enjoyed writing his poem about his mother’s home cooking. It has been a while since he’s had a taste of it since he’s been at college.
For his English class, he will be giving an oral presentation on his poem which was written in informal language.
He presented his poem using informal language filled with slang words and phrases.
Although his peers loved it, his teacher required that he do it again. Oral presentations should be given in formal language even if the poem is

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