The Importance Of Ethical Dilemmas In Law Enforcement

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The required standards to which all law enforcement professionals uphold for the office they serve places an extremely large amount of responsibility on those officers that protect us on a daily basis. Whether it is a City, County, State or otherwise appointed law enforcement department all officers wake up each morning just like the public. They get dressed just like a regular person and have one thing, especially in common which is to come home safely each day. The difference is these officers take an oath to uphold the law and to protect the public. They put on a badge that represents the department for which they work. These law enforcement officers view this as a privilege and not just a job. Being an officer is physically and mentally …show more content…
Worldviews change over time depending on what the officer is exposed to on the job and in their departments. Everyone is capable of changing their worldview as some do when attempting to make an impression on coworkers, but ethics is the true tell all of an officer’s honor as it is revealed in his actions when no one else is around (Hess & Wrobleski, 2006). Officers are faced with ethical dilemmas just as the general public is faced with them. This is something that has transpired since the beginning of time and the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As man was created with a free will, Jones and Carlson provide an interpretation of this as it applies to law enforcement. “Underlying [the] system of justice is the idea that people are free moral agents and that if they knowingly commit an unlawful act, they will be punished accordingly” (2004, Jones & Carlson). Being a Christian in today’s world is challenging even for those with the strongest faith. Society does not always look up to or respect those willing to take a stand for what they believe. Doing what is right when the world is watching is tough enough. Doing what is right when no one is watching is the true test of an officer’s character. Officers must at all times choose between the code of ethics and the “police” way of handling ethical

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