The Importance Of Equality Theory

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Register to read the introduction… Which provides employees with the opportunity to learn as well as have more control over their schedules. In addition as it is the motivators that determine motivation, it is essential that the team leader has these available for the employees hence to make sure that these motivators are present it important, that a monthly check of these is carried out.

On the other hand,a team leader can use the equity theory by motivating their teams by using the concept of bonus, nice offices and company cars. However this should be done on the bases of fairness as the theory highly stress this. This can be done by proving a chart for all the employees with all the task needed to be complete ,if completed in the given time,a reward will be provided at the end of month. Thus by using a chart this will not only motivate employees but also is fair because it will be related to the amount they put in which they would physical be able to
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