The Importance Of English Interview

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Throughout all of my school years, this was my first time speaking with a student who is in an EIL class at BYU-Hawaii. Even though I knew that our school has many EIL students and I have many friends who were in EIL as well, I was not interested in their EIL classes. I believe that it is because I did not take EIL classes when I came here for my first year. As a result, I did not know any students who are currently taking EIL 310 class, so I was unsure on how I should contact the student in this class. Fortunately, one of my Korean friends mentioned his brother and told me that he is taking this class right now. I already had him on Facebook so I messaged him asking that I would like to interview him about his EIL 310 class and he agreed to …show more content…
When we met at the Hale one lounge, it was quite awkward at first. However, he was very open minded and willing to do this interview, our conversation started with casual questions such as our names, hobbies or other information. Our interview started smoothly. It was a good idea that I prepared some questions beforehand. I had prepared many questions and some of them were “Since when did you start learning English? Did you serve a mission? If so, was it in an English speaking country? Do you think your mission had an effect on your English learning? Do you like your current EIL classes? What is your strongest English skill? What is your weakest English skill?” I was happy that I came up with these questions and a few others. While I was preparing for these interview questions, I learned that preparation is very important …show more content…
I asked him if he served a mission. He said, “I did serve a mission in East Los Angeles. My mission experience helped me to improve my English skills. However, I also attended my first year of higher education at the Community College in California. I think this helped me to develop my English skills.” From this answer, I could go on with our conversation well because we both had studied English and attended the first year of college in an English speaking country before we came to BYU-Hawaii. In addition, when I asked him about his strongest and weakest English skills, he replied “Speaking and Reading.” Speaking was the strongest skill for him because of his mission, his outgoing personality, and he is talkative. On the other hand, his weakest skill was reading. He is not sure why he always have low scores on Reading, but he said “When I was in the military, I always studied reading and vocabulary for TOEFL test but reading was the lowest score.” I told him that I have a same problem as him even though I had lived in an English speaking country for more than 8 years. I thought that reading and vocabulary was the hardest part for many Korean

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