The Importance Of Employee Testing

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• Commitment to Cognitive tests measure the ability to learn quickly, logic, reasoning, reading comprehension, and other enduring mental abilities that are fundamental to success in a variety of jobs.
• Criminal background provides information on an individual’s criminal history (Walsh, 2016).
• Credit background provides information on an individual’s history regarding financial responsibility (Walsh, 2016).
• Drug Screenings test for illegal substances in an individual’s system (Walsh, 2016).
• Personality tests measure specific personality traits related to numerous behaviors such as, interpersonal interactions, and satisfaction with different aspects of work (Types of Employment Tests, n.d.).
• Physical Ability tests evaluate and measure
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Every employee should be required to complete a drug screening and criminal background checks, ensure possible negligent hiring and potential liability of an employee harming themselves or others. Positions such as cahiers, stockers, and gardeners, which require a significant amount of standing for long periods, kneeling, and regular lifting or of product should be required to perform a physical ability test. Employee’s that are capable of completing the test will be more productive and will be less likely to become injured or fatigued on the job. Job knowledge test are important in specific areas where facts must be known, for instance in an accounting position or when working with the plants. Personality tests would be beneficial for those in supervisor and management positions, but not necessary for other positions. Ensuring that those applying for department supervisor have the knowledge to assist customers and department employees is essential. Personality testing would provide information to both the employee and the employee’s supervisor on working with teams and proper coaching …show more content…
To guarantee that all applicants receive the same consideration, the Garden Center reviews each application and/or resume received. Candidates are first evaluated based on the previous knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the open position, the top candidates are then interviewed. During the interview process, a pre-determined list of questions will be asked by the HR manager and one of the on-site supervisors to become more familiar with the candidate, their personality, and qualification for the position. During the selection process, all candidates will be reviewed and the person that is most qualified and adds value to the teams will be offered the position contingent of drug testing, pre-employment physicals and background checks for specific positions.
Legal Aspects of the Hiring Process
During the hiring process, the legal aspects to keep in mind begin prior to recruiting. The Garden Center reviews all recruitment advertising prior to release to ensure that the job description is not inadvertently causing discrimination. Each job posting will be posted internally and publicly to allow opportunity for growth within the company and opportunity for new candidates. To ensure the Garden Center’s commitment to diversity as well as complying with the EEOC all recruitment advertising will include the following

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