The Importance Of Employee Camaraderie And Superb Customer Service

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For many college students, working in a retail job is a rite of passage. A position in sales, however, has many benefits besides just the income. Working in sales means daily interaction with the public, which teaches the valuable skill of interpersonal relations. A sales job also has selling quotas, demonstrating how to set and meet goals. Every company has a different background that influences the work environment, and the environment at General Nutrition Company is one that promotes employee camaraderie and superb customer service.

Working at General Nutrition Center is an opportunity to gain experience in multiple job classes at the same time. New employees will first be trained on how to use the register. For the first week or two on the job they will simply be cashiers, ringing up transactions and learning everything they can from their manager. After about two weeks they will begin working on sales. They will start to memorize product labels and work on how they can best espouse one product over another. This time period, from two weeks to one and a half months, is when the employee must sink or swim. Only motivated employees who are willing to spend their own free time studying labels, ingredients, and dosages will likely do well their first month.

To understand the sales aspect of this particular job, one must be familiar with the background of GNC and the modern day dietary supplement industry. General Nutrition Center stores typically stock a wide…

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