The Importance Of Effective Teaching

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Teachers often strive to be positive, creative, inspirational sources of knowledge when in the classroom. It is important to understand the many different ways in which an effective teacher utilises their resources and pedagogical knowledge to enhance the classroom experience for their students. The purpose of this assignment is to define effective teaching, and critically analyse and evaluate a series of teaching scenarios presented in a video clip of Jamie Oliver teaching a group of underprivileged students how to cook fish.

Due to the ephemeral nature of teaching methods and practices, there is no one set definition for teaching; however, as a general rule, it is commonly accepted that teaching is defined as many different types of behaviours
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For example, towards the end of his demonstration, the students began to talk over the top of Jamie. This could have been prevented by shortening the length of the demonstration or by giving the students the opportunity to have a break halfway through and doing some peer to peer discussion. Similarly another problem with Jamies demonstration is that all of the students are bunched together, leaving limited viewing for the students at the back or side of the group. This could have been overcome by having the students at the front sitting down, or by having tiered viewing platforms or engaging smaller groups at more …show more content…
It is important for teachers to ensure that their feedback is well constructed and effective to ensure that it helps their students to improve. Effective feedback can be described as feedback that is both selective and balanced; it should address the necessary concerns but not be too overwhelmingly negative or positive (REFERENCE). Jamie’s use of feedback is effective because he gives the students specific pieces of information about their progress. For example, the model of feedback that Jamie uses is a “Feedback Sandwich” which involves the feedback giver saying a positive piece of feedback, then a constructive statement, then another positive statement. (REFERENCE) This is beneficial because it encourages students positive behaviour and addresses where they need to make specific improvements.(REFERENCE) When Jamie says “you did so well today, we lost a bit of concentration there...but in my eyes, you are A grade students” (REFERENCE) he uses this model, and therefore builds the students confidence. However, Jamie could improve his feedback. At the end of the lesson he takes responsibility for the fact that the students got distracted and started talking amongst themselves, stating “it was probably my fault” (REFERENCE). Instead, if Jamie had of acknowledged that he spoke for too long, but also stated that the students should work with him to create a

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