Kagan's Five Steps In Creating A Functional Classroom

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Classroom management is major component when having a functional classroom. “Having an effectively managed classroom is on that runs smoothly, with minimal confusion and downtime, and maximizes opportunities for student learning” (Evertson, Emmer, 2009). Creating a safe environment is necessary for learning to take place. Classroom management is the foundation for a safe environment. It teaches students how to treat one another in and out of the classroom. It also allows for students and environment to want to learn. Classroom management should also be in place to prevent student behavior problems, not punish behaviors. As a teacher, you should begin implementing your rules and procedures the first day. Allowing time the first couple of weeks …show more content…
For mutual support to occur, students need to be encoring and appreciating to one another’s efforts. This is the part where students begin trusting one another. The most important step is, step 4, valuing differences. When students begin to understand that everyone is different, they can work together in harmony in a diverse classroom. Valuing differences allows students to “understand and respect the values of others, and feel their own values are understood and respected” (Kegan, Kegan, 2009). The last step in Kagan’s five aims to team building is, developing synergy. Synergy is released when students build off of one another ideas. It’s when workings as a whole is better than the working parts of an individual. All together these aims build off each other to create a strong classroom community. It helps students value their own ideas while listening and in cooperating others ideas into their own. It builds the expectations of the classroom, how it should look and how it should feel. It encompasses the rules of the classroom and how task should be completed. Most importantly, how students should treat one another in this …show more content…
Building that community within the school can be challenging, but modeling behavior is an exceptional way to create it. Demonstrating communication with coworkers is a great way to create a positive and safe learning environment. According to Derrick Meador, writing of the article The Importance of Effective Teacher to Teacher Communication, be encouraging and show kindness. “Praise exemplary work, regardless of the person that did it...At the same time, when giving do helpfully and gently” (Meador, 2016). This shows students that you too as a teacher respect the opinion and value the ideas of those around you. Also, show them that the community continues to grow out of the classroom and into their home, when you have open communication with their parents. Allow time for parent teacher conferences, send home folders with daily work, email, and phone calls. This also benefits the parents. With open communication, it strengths the relationship between the students and the teacher. However, it also benefits the parents. Communication helps parents know and understand what is going on in the classroom. It allows them to help their student at home and work as a team with the teacher to work things and find solutions to problems that may be occurring. The most important communication goes back into the classroom. Communication between the teacher and the

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