Formative Assessment Essay

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Different assessments give teachers insight into students’ comprehension and aids in creating curriculum to meet students’ needs. Formative assessments allow teachers to measure how well students understand the material and gives the teacher an idea on what steps to take next (Parkay, Antcil, & Hass, 2014). This can be done at the beginning of a lesson to see what students already know or at the end of a lesson to ensure that the material does not need any extra coverage. If a teacher has not observed a student producing a form of observable evidence, then it is difficult to determine what the student is thinking and what he or she knows (Carroll, 2014). Assessments show teachers the weaknesses in the class, so the teacher can focus more attention on those areas by devoting more time or teaching the information a different way. Furthermore, assessments can give teachers a chance to see what learning techniques the students respond to best.
When using authentic assessments, teachers require students to apply their knowledge of problem solving and creating projects instead of selecting an answer from multiple choice test (Parkay et al., 2014). This type of assessment gives students the opportunity to have a hands-on
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Some students are very good TestThinkers who are able to use educated guessing and process of elimination to achieve high scores on standardized tests, even if they do not have a solid grasp on the information (Maylone, 2014). I was always a student who did excellent on test because I was “good at taking test.” It did not always mean I understood the material, but I was able to figure out enough to typically get me to the correct answer and make a good grade. Because of situations like mine, tests are not always the best choice when assessing a

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