The Importance Of Ecological Approach To Organizational Consultationting

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The article discusses implementing ecological approaches to organizational consultation within the school setting and recommendations on how the model could be effectively used to create change in current educational trends (Meyers, A. 2012). It is important to understand that the in order for organizational consultation to work school based professional must have the necessary skills to provide effective services not only to the student but to also work with systems such as the school, teachers, and parents . School-based organizational consultants help students by engaging members in the consultation process and allowing an open line of communication to be established which creates a collaborative relationship.
Major strengths in the article Major strengths of the article is that school based organizational consultation is focused on changing the system as a whole. Consultants generally do not have adequate knowledge about the organization they are trying to implement change in without input from the consultee. Therefore, the organizational model allows consultants to work jointly with members to develop intervention and allow the organization to develop skills necessary to solve its own problems in the future (Meyers, A. 2012). I like the fact that if organizational consultation is used effectively it can reach the needs of
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If all schools in the district are not working collaboratively then students will not get any benefit from organizational consultation. It is also important to note that blindly implementing organizational consultation into the schools without considering ecological and cultural settings where interventions are delivered can do more harm than good to the student. The consultant has to effectively modify interventions to fit the each individual

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