Personal Statement: Nouring Food

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I was born in a large family in the country. I was not use to eating nourishing foods because, it really didn’t appeal to me. I was use to eating oily and fatty foods. A few things I ate and used in my food daily were: meat grilled or deep-fried in Crisco oil, vinegar, chow-chow, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, blue bonnet butter & seasoning salt. I’ve seen my cousins and uncles eat three to five plates during every meal. I would try to eat as much as they did and I picked up off that and it developed into habit. I can easily chuck down two to three plates and eat loads of snacks in the middle of the usual three course meal.
Even though I eat so much, I never gained weight for the reason that in my hometown sports in general was a big thing, so I just took part in sports and ran off however many calories I consumed. I never did complain about not eating right, especially when it came to my favorite dish. I really like to eat and taste different foods. My god-father is a chef, he lets me taste test
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I’ve also learned that depriving yourself is not healthy, but you can always eat smaller portions. From my standpoint, anyone who is in my dilemma and wants to eat well should start off by cutting out the fatty foods and oils and work towards baked or raw foods. Examples such as: walnuts, peanuts, baked chicken, and baked fish are good to try. I would also recommend plenty of water to help hydrate your body and lower your food intake. I will continue to do this again because I know I can do it if I really put my mind to it. Eating healthy foods is a process that should not be rushed, it will take time. I do recommend others to try it because everyone should at least try to eat healthier. Someone can try eating carrots once a day or getting rid of an unhealthy item. If you believe you can do it in a week, then try to carry on longer than you can until it becomes normal

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