Domestic Violence Among Women

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One in every four women will experience domestic violence during their life time, and most do not know how to handle the situation. Domestic violence is a very dangerous situation to be in, and it is a part of some people’s everyday life. This is not just something that happens to women, however women are more prone to domestic violence than men. “85% of domestic violence victims are women… Police report that between 40% and 60% of the calls they receive, especially on the night shift, are domestic violence disputes”. ( Physical abuse is the more well-known type of domestic violence that people are familiar with. However, domestic violence is not just considered physical abuse; it is …show more content…
Sexual abuse is a very difficult topic to touch upon, and this is because there is also sexism, or favoritism, when dealing with this. Women are more prone to get a case when it comes to sexual abuse because that’s just how society is. When a woman cries rape everybody turns their head and feels sympathy for that women. However, when a man cries rape the reaction is not the same, especially if it is done by a woman. “One in 6 women and 1 in 33 men have experienced an attempted or completed rape.”. ( Sexual abuse is also linked to physical/verbal abuse. Sexual abuse is also something a person cannot escape all the time, especially domestic sexual abuse. “A sexual abuse victim who cannot escape the abuse learns to ‘watch’ her own victimization from a spot on the ceiling”. (Dutton 165). Just like physical and verbal abuse, sexual abuse seems unescapable for those who go through it. Some may argue that the victim can tell somebody or get a law suit, but it is not always that easy. Take for instance a woman who is being sexually abused by her husband. She does not want to take part in any actually sexual act, but she is a victim of domestic violence, and her husband constantly forces her to be sexual against her will. This is considered sexual abuse, and even rape, but who would really take this case into deep consideration since she is married to her abuser; especially when he can say she loves to role play. Sexual abuse is a highly sensitive case, and always has to be handled with

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